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Are you getting into sports betting?

Very well. But do you know all the sports and their special features? Indeed, the rules differ from one sport to another and a fact of play that you have not thought of can make you lose a prognosis. In order to avoid any mishap, we advise you to take an interest in the history of sports disciplines. You will thus know everything about the rules of the game and the importance that a situation can have. In addition, you will no longer miss a single online bet when you are going to know all the best competitions and the best athletes on the planet. From soccer to the Olympic Games, through hockey and winter sports, unravel the mysteries of the rich history of the sport.

Sports timeline

Take Marty McFly’s car and travel back in time. Our first stopover takes place in Ancient Greece and more precisely in Olympia. It was in 776 BC that the first Olympic Games were launched in order to unite the Greek cities and stimulate the values ​​of the great athletes of the time. The Olympiads were then held every 4 years before their prohibition in 383 by the Roman Emperor, Theodosius I.

It is necessary to take a great leap in time to find the modern olympiads established by the initiative of the French Pierre de Coubertin. This is how in 1896, in Athens, the main festival of sport and athletes was celebrated.

A tradition that continues until today

In this period of time, sports activities are not less stopped for as much. In the Middle Ages in Europe, it was the knights who played the main games while we find some traces of the soule (ancestor of soccer) in writings dating from the 12th century.

Be that as it may, despite numerous prohibitions such as that of cricket in 1748 in Great Britain, physical and sporting activity has indeed crossed the centuries to provide us with the emotions we know. Each civilization has placed sport as a central notion of society and we can find different origins in each discipline. For example in Canada, we can boast that our distant parents developed ice hockey.

Sport in all its forms

In our section divided by sports, our loyal editors wanted to highlight the history of each sport while teaching you the basic rules to understand the issues and the facts of the games. All our articles will help you in your predictions since no sport will have secrets for you. In addition, nothing better than to discover the sports competitions and the players having marked their discipline in order to know: on which to bet and when to bet.

We congratulate your future versatility in sports betting since you can very well win the jackpot by playing soccer rather than cycling. Your wallet will be happy.